Is that a flaky piece of skin? Why am I so dry? Why can’t my skin be perfect?

Don’t kick yourself in the booty! Everyone’s skin is different, but we’ll explain why your skin could be dry and flaky, and of course, how to remedy it.

To get that beautiful, glowing skin, it will take a little, just a little, extra time before bed. But if you commit, you’ll see the results you want. Every night you’ll go through a short multi-step process to hydrate your skin. The 4 important products you’ll need are a hydrating serum, moisturizer, occlusive moisturizer and a face oil.


There are many reasons your skin could be flaking. It could be genetic or it could be the wrong combination of facial products. While it’s always best to see an aesthetician or a dermatologist, let’s talk about what it could be. A big cause of flaky, inflamed skin is the use of harsh products. Using products that are very acidic or high in alcohol will dry out your skin. Products that are formulated for acne and anti-aging, which are heavy in retinol, glycolic and salicylic acids, irritate the skin and can cause peeling, dryness and occasionally mild burning. Overusing these products can harm and possibly damage your skin. But it’s not just products you put on your skin, it could also be that chemical peel you got at the spa. Chemical peels are meant to do just as they state…peel your skin. While many people do them to exfoliate and shed the “dead” skin, a lot of skin types should reconsider.

When you see that your skin is overly dry and flaking/peeling, you will want to change up your routine and see a professional. An aesthetician will be able to assess your skin type and skin needs and provide you with a regime that you can stick to and will help your skin come back to life. No matter what, always start and end your day with a gentle non-foaming, fragrance-free cleanser.


  1. Hydrating Serum

    First, you have to start with a hydrating serum. The serum works as a primer for the rest of your facial regime. You’ll want a product with hyaluronic acid and vitamins to help plump the skin. Use a few drops and massage into dry, clean skin. Let it soak in for about 3-4 minutes before proceeding to step 2.

  2. Moisture, Moisture

    Now for your moisturizer. The best moisturizer is one that is filled with ceramides and glycerin. The ceramides will help repair your skin’s natural lipid barrier and glycerin draws water from the atmosphere and draws it into your skin.
    So now that your skin is dry, massage (in circulation motion) a dime-size amount of moisturizer into your skin. Don’t neglect your neck; even it needs some love!

  3. Occlusive Moisturizer

    Occlusive moisturizer, what? A moisturizer on top of a moisturizer? Yes! Occlusive moisturizers help to seal in your skins moisture and helps to boost the absorption of the products layered beneath it. You’ll want to use a product with petroleum jelly or a paraffin. Don’t worry, these ingredients don’t clog pores; they’ll just lock in your moisture. About 5 minutes after moisturizing, use a small pea-size amount and smooth it all over your skin. Don’t use too much! These products melt in quickly.

  4. The Finale…Facial Oil

    And we have arrived at the finale…facial oil! Facial oils are great for giving your skin a further dose of hydration. I knwo you’re afraid of pimples; I was, but these oils are lipophilic and pass straight through your lipid (fat) layer of skin. It actually will also lock in all those ingredients you just applied.
    About 5 minutes after the occlutive, massage a few drops of the oil over your face and neck.

    And now it’s time for bed! Upon awakening, don’t forget to wash all the products off and start fresh with your morning routine.


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