2018 Beauty Industry Trends


You know you are addict to the latest beauty trends. I know I am! I can’t get enough of what’s hip (do people still say that?) and hot. Some of the latest craze have arrived and I want to share them with you!

1. Thumbprint Eyeliner

Tom Ford’s take on the cat eye liner technique. Add your personal touch by using liquid eyeliner and “painting” your pinky finger and quickly pressing it to the outer edge of your eyelid. No matter how many folks do this trend, yours will always be unique.

2. Mermaid Eyes

This is the year of the merpeople! Use turquoise, corals, golds and silvers to create a beautiful, fresh look. And don’t forget to connect you with your inner mermaid.

3. “Bare” Skin

This spring and summer it’s all about fun in the sun. Don’t clog your pores with a bunch of heavy foundation. Instead, wear a lightweight foundation serum, like Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation. The serum will change to match your natural skin tone & provide age-defying undetectable coverage.

4. Natural Lips

Try a flush lip by using a raspberry tinted balm or Bite Beauty Multistick to give you that perfect wash of color!

5. Glowing, Fresh Skin

Highlighter is not a thing of the past, ladies! It is still in full swing this year. Don’t go crazy highlighting your entire face; everything in moderation. But go for that highlighter, girl! Use it on the high points of your cheeks, the bow of your lip and the tip of your nose for a fresh look.


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